Depuis 2011


Developing a sheet music editor, also allowing to create “audible” synthetic music (not too robotic), using the MIDI interface.


MIDI, Eiffel

Since 2009


Developing a brand new Eiffel compiler, with specific goals: community-oriented (Liberty is Free Software), with a strong emphasis on both language stability and enterprise capacities (via an approach similar to Python’s “Batteries Included” using a plug-in architecture).



2007 – 2009

ESE: Enterprise SmartEiffel

ESE was the “enterprise” side of SmartEiffel. The aim of the project was to develop tools and libraries to make SmartEiffel useable in an industrial context.

As for SmartEiffel, the libraries were free of use and the tools code was protected by the GNU General Public Licence.



2002 – 2009


During many years I was a developer of SmartEiffel, the GNU Eiffel Compiler, developed initially by the Loria (Lorraine Inria, Nancy).

Eiffel is an object-oriented language initially developed by Bertrand Meyer in 1985. It implements some important features of object-oriented technology, not found in any other language.

SmartEiffel is the only open-source Eiffel compiler, written itself in Eiffel. More than a compiler, SmartEiffel also offers a class browser, a pretty printer, and many other tools. The compiler can create either native code (using an ANSI-C compiler) or Java-compatible bytecode.

The libraries that come with the compiler are free; you can use them in both commercial and free projects.

The compiler itself is protected by the GNU General Public Licence.

I quit the SmartEiffel team in 2009 because I felt a deepening gulf between the project owner’s and my own point of view.