Current work

Developing LibertyEiffel

Developing MiXuP

  • MiXuP is Free Software. The public repository may be found on GitHub.
  • This software allows the creationg of quality sheet music, but the aim is also to build good-quality synthetic music (using MIDI).

Past work

Some works using SmartEiffel

  • I worked in the SmartEiffel core team during several years. I used to maintain a snapshot of our work. It has now been put on the SmartEiffel site.
  • ESE (Enterprise SmartEiffel) would have become an enterprise-class Eiffel framework. It is to be interated to Liberty Eiffel (see above).
  • SmartFactor was meant to become a refactoring tool for Eiffel, based on the 2.x release of SmartEiffel. Its documentation is still available online. SmartFactor will be merged some day in Liberty. Meanwhile, if you want to look at the source just e-mail me.
  • SMerge is not developped anymore.

Some works on SmallEiffel